We are a small group of friends and dedicated cigar geeks and tobacconists who wish to share our passion for cigars with others. We do not believe in numerical reviews, nor in the mythological palate of champions capable of detecting the most obscure flavors(i.e. lamb meat) in cigars. Our articles will be based on our experiences with different aspects of the industry including our opinions on more popular topics. We encourage everyone to comment and even disagree. Cigars are a personal pleasure, and as such, your opinion could be different from ours and doesn’t make you wrong or us right. We hope you like visiting our website, now it’s time to meet the guys making it all happen:


IMG_2202Frank A.  —  A “Broadleaf Fiend” who has worked in the cigar industry for the past few years. Frankie also contributes to Cigar Snob Magazine.





meConnor B.  —  A “Tobacco Nut” who has worked in the cigar industry and studied different aspects of tobacco products for the last 7 years.




2016-03-15 13.32.37Fred B.  —  “Director Chaos” a cigaraholic with a few years in the industry and even more enjoying smoking them.