I’ve begun to take the role of my fellow high school alum, Andy Rooney, on this blog. Sharing my thoughts on certain topics within the premium cigar industry. Recently, there has been a push in the county I live and work in, to raise the tobacco purchasing age to 21.

I’m fully opposed to this idea. In a country where you can potentially sacrifice your life at the age of 18, you should not only be able to purchase a drink, but you should also be allowed to take part in tobacco products if you choose. We become adults, by law, at the age of 18. You can be charged as an adult in a federal court at the age of 18. Who is to tell you that you aren’t allowed to purchase tobacco products at the age of 18? It’s completely asinine.

My other problem is that the law isn’t uniform around the country. Some states require you to be 21, and other states have counties that require you to be 21. So really, if you want, you can merely travel outside of the set jurisdiction and purchase tobacco products. Not that I would like to see the entire country go to 21, but it would make more sense if the idea is to prohibit tobacco use in “younger adults.” The definition of a “young adult” is also subjective.

Most tobacco products have warning labels on them, outlining in detail the negative affects of regular tobacco usage. Therefore, it is your choice whether you decided to engage in these practices. It just amazes me that, particularly in the cigar industry, we’ve come to the point where you’re being told that you aren’t enough of an adult to make a decision to purchase a tobacco item.

I feel we’re not far off of banning certain fast foods to people under the age of 18. Sorry Johnny, nobody under 18 is allowed to eat McDonald’s because it’s harmful to your health.


Peace and Broadleaf.

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