One of the things that we brothers and sister of the leaf have in common is we all have a choice in how we light our smokes. Whether it is using a soft flame or a torch, there is no incorrect way to light a cigar. Although some self proclaimed experts say otherwise. In my personal opinion there is no correct way to light up. But there are some techniques that I have tried that I have found that do provide a little difference in how a cigar tastes and the aroma of the fine tobaccos of the cigar.

One method I have used that changed my experience was the three match method. With the three match method you have three long matches, and when I say long matches they are the kinds that are two times that of your standard box of matches you receive from your local shop. Davidoff has a nice long match that works very well. You take 3 matches lay them out and light each one individually and slowly roast the foot of the cigar. On the last match you concentrate the flame more towards the center of the foot and when that match is almost to the point of burning your knuckles, you blow a little on the foot of that cigar to ensure it is evenly lit. Then you take a long puff on the cigar to make sure it is lit.

In some instances I have seen this method used without cutting the head of the cigar until the very end. One such example was from cigar aficionado magazine. Gordon Mott, Former Executive Editor of the magazine posted a video explaining the process(video here). His conclusion behind the reasoning of waiting to clip the cigar until the end of the lighting process is that while you are slowly roasting the foot air is being pulled through the chamber of tobacco that makes up the filler and it changes the flavor and the aroma of that tobacco.  By waiting till the end to cut you keep the integrity of the natural flavors of that specific blend. And the flavors do not become washed away from outside factors.

When I used this method it changed my experience of enjoyment. it takes some time to get the cigar started. Causing me to slow down and relax. Which is what Cigars are all about, enjoying the moment away from the busy and hectic lives that some of us live.

So whether you use a torch lighter or a soft flame with a lighter, match or cedar spill. Your ritual of lighting your cigar is your choice.



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