The year is 2011, and the annual IPCPR Trade Show reveals a new Arturo Fuente that any cigar fanatic like myself would go crazy for, the God of Fire Serie B. Released in 2 sizes(Vitolas) and in 2 different wrappers this cigar offers a whole new take on the already successful God of Fire lines. The God of Fire an already existing limited production. There were 750 boxes of ten made for this release.

In the past I’ve smoked the Gran Toro, but for the review I’ll be smoking the Double Robusto, both of which feature the Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper. As you might expect, initially there is a heavy cocoa flavor to the cigar with hints of cedar right at the light. As I smoked it, I noticed just a small amount of pepper on the nose, not enough to be unpleasant or harsh but just enough to add a touch of complexity to the flavors. The deeper into the cigar you get the more the sweetness of the cocoa picks up, but just like that pepper note it’s never enough to off set the other flavors, rather it builds along side all of the notes.

Somewhere around the halfway point, I started to notice some leather enter into the mix as well, with that rich sweet cocoa note still being the dominant one and the cedar holding on. The pepper remained as well but had become more subdued at this point.

The sweet spot hit, as with many of my favorite cigars, right towards the end. All the flavors smoothed out. The pepper was almost gone at this point, barely present enough to taste. The cocoa and the cedar melded into one combined note of heavenly smoothness(I know that’s not a real description but I can’t honestly think of a more accurate way to phrase it). That leather note from halfway came in again along with what was less of a sugary sweetness but still sweet. All of that held right up until I was burning my fingers and lips trying to get one last puff.

All in all, I’d say this is one of my favorite Broadleaf’s. Typically I find them to be a little one dimensional, which isn’t necessarily bad just how it is. With the God of Fire Serie B the was way more complexity than usual and the added waxing/waning pepper notes were a pleasant transition-er for the whole experience. If you like a heavier medium-full body cigar, I highly recommend snagging one of these treats if you can find one.

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