Trying to decide what to enjoy on this day before St. Patrick’s Day is difficult with a large selection to choose from. As I dig around my humidor I find two Alec Bradley Filthy Hooligans that have been resting for over a year.

fred 2

A rule that I keep is I always buy at least two of everything I wish to try. One of which I age for at least a year sometimes longer if it gets lost in the abyss of my humidor.

This Limited production smoke is the first time I ever smoked a “green cigar”.

Right from the start it is very mild for my trained palette. Traditionally I smoke medium to full cigars but once in a blue moon and whenever the occasion calls for I have something to bring out the spirit of the occasion and since its St Paddy’s day tomorrow a green cigar seems like a must.

This 6 x 50 Toro has that classic Candela green. With that dry grassy character from the first puff to the last, an earthiness from that Ecuadorian tobacco gives it a layer complexity for such a mild cigar. It is quit refreshing and a nice change of pace. For anyone looking to try something a little different from today’s traditional smokes, check your local shops for the filthy hooligan.

With the market becoming flooded with such strong smokes, it is hard to believe, at least by me, that the mild shamrock green candela was the most popular style cigar smoked in America.



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