As stated in my previous post I promised a review on one of my favorite cigars of all time, the Tennessee Waltz by Crowned Heads. This 5 1/2 x 52 stick with Connecticut broadleaf wrapper and Nicaragua fillers packs a flavor profile of sweet hickory note, an underlying leather, and earth throughout the duration of the smoke.

To me it exemplifies the character of the south. It reminded me of being outside during a big BBQ cookout. The south and parts of Tennessee are known for their BBQ and this cigar really made the experience all that which the southern culture brings. Crowned Heads has this cigar made for them by the Garcia family in Nicaragua.


The cigar is rustic looking with only a silkĀ orange foot band as a distinguishing mark. The band is similar to the one on the My Father Le Bijou boxed-pressed torpedo. But do not be fooled this is a great example of how broadleaf can enhance the flavor of a blend.

The broadleaf has a ton of oils that gives it the full body characteristic that this cigar has from the first puff right away a smoked hickory that continues into the finish with a sweet mesquite undertone. This tends to be the dominate flavor for most of the first third.

The second-third starts with a transition in flavor to the addition of a citrus note and strong leather in the nose. The flavors from the first third are there but are almost washed in the addition of the leather.

The final third added a final earthy note that I attribute to the heat and tar buildup at the cap. With a burn time for me at one hour and forty five minutes. I could help think that I wish this was not a limited production smoke of only 2500 sticks. But in the end it is about the quality of the cigar and not the quantity that make something so enjoyable.



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