As Cigar Smokers we all enjoy the gadgets that make this lifestyle more enjoyable. This got me thinking. There are a number of different companies that make the cutters and lighters we all have. For me I have some inexpensive, and more pricey accessories.

As a novice I bought the cheap 2 dollar cutters we all started with. In a pinch, more recently, I have used them and noticed that they do not cleanly cut the head of the cigar. The first time use might but not after that first use.

I almost always use a double blade guillotine cuter with a single flame torch to light. But sometimes I venture out an use a  v-cut. it all depends on what type of cigar I am going to smoke. If i have a torpedo style I always use a double blade guillotine. some might use the v-cut, but I like the way the cigar feels with a sharp, clean cut off the head.

To all of our readers I have a question for you. What are your cutting and lighting methods that you use to ensure your cigars are ready to smoke?


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