20160328_123701Perdomo for me has always been a “go-to” company. Anytime I don’t know what I want to smoke, I can  walk into a store, or my humidor, grab a Perdomo and I’ll be satisfied. That being said, there are only really 2 cigars in their line up that I thought really hit the mark. Not that the rest aren’t good, more that I always wanted a little more of this, or a little less of that in each of them. One of the cigars they make that, to me, is a better example of what they have to offer is the 20th Anniversary. Be it the Sun Grown or the Maduro, these cigars give up a much bolder and complex flavor profile then some of their others.

For today, I’m going to talk mostly about the Sun Grown, using what I would assume is a Nicaraguan wrapper(since almost all of the tobacco’s used by Perdomo is Nicaraguan, and they haven’t said otherwise) that was Barrel-Aged for 14 months. Right from the start this cigar is incredibly smooth with an earthy but well balanced flavor. Rather then having a cedar characteristic it seems to me to be more “oak-ish”. That may sound a little snobby but it’s that best I can describe it, and is most likely due to the barrel aging process.

It’s very complex with just hints of sweetness, pepper, and an almost nutty characteristic; but the “oak-ish” flavor is by far the dominant one. What impresses me is how smooth it is while still managing to showcase all of these flavors. No burn issues on any of the ones I’ve smoked, no draw issues, just a well constructed cigar.

My one complaint, which of course there is always at least one, is that there isn’t much variation to it. It’s not a typical “one-dimensional” smoke due to all the complexities in flavor, but it really doesn’t change much either. The sweeter notes, and the peppery ones sort of take turns being more prominent then the other but neither one surpasses the oak. Still definitely fires on all cylinders in my opinion.

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