It’s been a while since my last post. And with the summer in full swing and people at work taking time off, I have not been able to enjoy many cigars. But most recently I have been visited by a memory of a special day that I would like to share.

We all remember that special time when we first had a cigar. For me it will always be a very special time because it was one I got to spend with my father.

Growing up my father, a lifelong cigarette smoker, something he did not do in front of me would occasionally have a cigar and it would always be when we went fishing. He always said it was to keep the bugs away. But deep down I knew it was something he enjoyed.

He always smoked cheap gas station cigars. And in his tackle box there was always a pack of Garcia Y Vega cigars usually the thin green panatela sizes. Little did I know? One of these cigars would be my first cigar. One day we decided to take our boat and spend the day on a little lake near Cambridge NY.  Once on the lake we headed to our go to spot for Bass after we had cast our lines he reached in and grabbed a cigar. I would always ask if I could have a puff on his cigar.  Which up until this day he would always tell me no. but this day he said “if you want you can have your own just don’t tell your mother”.

I remember feeling like I was finally equal on a level with him. And to this day I have not had a better experience that involved a cigar. On that day we did not have a ton of luck on the lake. But I will always have the memory that for one afternoon my father and I had found just another thing we could have for ourselves, our love for the leaf. Even if that it be a few stale gas station cigars.



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