Whenever I travel to a new place I always try and find a local tobacconist. Sometimes I go looking for my favorite brands but also to find local stinks exclusively for those locations. One such location is the Nashville metro area of Franklin Tennessee. I stumbled upon Franklin Cigar located at 103 International Drive Franklin, TN 37067. This shop is deceiving from the outside.  This seemed to be only a place to purchase cigars and smoking accessories but you walk in and it is a beautifully laid out lounge with a walk in Humidor and even a few brews on tap. The atmosphere in this place really made me feel like I was in a place designed for comfort and relaxation. There were a few customers inside when I went in. but everyone was very Friendly and welcoming to this visiting Yankee.

I did not have the fortune of time to stay and enjoy a cigar but promised myself this would be a frequent place to stop if I was ever in the area again. They have all the same premium selection you would find in most shops around the country. But also had all the Crowned Heads cigars, including an exclusive to only Tennessee shops. This cigar, know as Tennessee Waltz, is a beautifully blended cigar worthy of the name. Not so fast. a review will follow next week on this stick.

You can be sure that if the smoking laws were better in New York. That a place like Franklin Cigar would be a fixture for all of us to enjoy. The best example of a place that would be on the same level here in upstate New York would be Queensbury Pipe and cigar.

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