Steve Saka visited the shop both Connor and I work at months ago. As the neighborhood Broadleaf fiend, I was extremely excited to hear that Saka was coming out with a Broadleaf liga. I was even more excited to know that it was supposed to retail around the $8-9.00 mark, depending on what state you’re in. Then at this year’s trade show, “Mi Querida,” was released. It translates to “my dear” in certain countries, while in others, like in Nicaragua, it translates to “mistress.” I like to refer to it as the “sidepiece smoke.”

img_4996This size is the third size I’ve smoked. I specifically chose this size to review because I’m not a fan of larger ring gauges. The Muy Gordo Grande is a 6×56 parejo. I was curious as to how it would perform compared to it’s smaller ring-gauge siblings. Right off the bat there’s a nice brownie sweetness to the blend, with a bit of earth as an after-note on the finish. There’s a bit of a coffee character that plays nicely with the flavors mentioned above. Strength is at about medium-bodied. Through the retrohale there’s a slight spice I would characterize as a bakers spice. Subtle, a bit sweet, like that of cinnamon, but not definitively cinnamon.

The final thirds continue to show complexity with a Cuban-coffee sweetness, nuttiness, and a damp, dirty earth. All of the flavors are perfect in harmony and continue to play well with each other. Strength tops out at medium-plus. Overall I was extremely impressed. As a huge fan of the Liga No. 9, I’ve always loved the flavor of Broadleaf, but craved something just a bit more complex. This was it. While I enjoyed the other vitolas a bit more, on a comfort level, the Muy Gordo Grande performed extremely well. The ash held on more than an inch at a time, and the draw was a non-issue. The one thing I’ll say is that when I opened the first box of these, the wrapper still seemed young in the sense that it appeared these were rolled recently, e.g. within the last six months. This is understandable, if it’s the case, given all the FDA regulations that have begun to take affect. They’re smoking great now, but I’d be interested to see how they will smoke with a couple months rest.

I would easily recommend these to anyone who can find them. They are affordable and delicious.

Peace & Broadleaf

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