Kristoff may or may not be a name you’re familiar with, but they’re definitely someone to keep an eye on. Recently they’ve begun “Repping” in house, and have some newer cigars on the market again. Back in 2013, they had a series of cigars made for them at another factory called the “Galerones Series”. I don’t believe they will keep these around forever, but a rumor I heard seemed to imply these would end up as “new” cigars, with new names, and the only difference being that they’re going to be produced at Kristoff’s factory instead. When I get a little more information on the “switch” we’ll make another post with some better details in case you find you really like one these Galerones.

The Intensivo is how it sounds, designed to be intense. Box-pressed, full-bodied, with a Brazilian maduro wrapper, it’s not good cigar for a beginner. It starts out with a blast of pepper, followed closely by some cedar. As it develops that pepper is slowly replaced with almost an espresso like taste. Fairly bitter and earthy, it maintained some consistent notes for a while with just a touch of that pepper in the background. I wish I could say that the bitterness of it went away, but it didn’t. Approaching the end, that bitterness held on, the cedar notes faded, and the pepper returned briefly to offer some kind of complexity. In my opinion, it was too little too late. What started off to me as a decent profile, developed into something very “eh”. Towards the end, it was more bitter then anything else, and did not want to stay lit.


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