Just as some background information, when we first started Cigar Sages, one of the first things that came about was our Instagram page. One of the first accounts we ran into was a page called Kolumbus Cigars, a company out of Spain making handmade premium cigars. Having lived in Spain, I was quite intrigued that a country that isn’t necessarily known for growing a lot of tobacco was actually producing handmade cigars. This review comes from one of the three lines of Kolumbus Cigars called the K-Negro line. The size I will be reviewing is a 4.8 x 50 robusto, coming in with a Nicaraguan Maduro wrapper from Esteli, a Cuban binder, and filler tobacco from the Canary Islands in Spain.

After the first few puffs of the K-Negro robusto, there is a ton of cedar present on my palette. The cigars were not only shipped in a cedar coffin, but the tobaccos were aged in cedar cellars. After only a few puffs I also get a salted pretzel note, which is something absolutely unique to my smoking experience. I often rag on sites that get too detailed with their tasting notes, so I don’t want to come across like I have a superior palette. This IMG_3952is just what I’m personally getting from the cigars. So far, it’s full-bodied but without any strength. The salty characteristic has died down but still lingers on the finish. More of an earth is present as I reach the 10 minute mark. Ash is holding solid, nice and white in color. The finish is very long on the K-Negro, lasting well into the next puff.
About a half-an-hour in I’m not even to the halfway point, which is fine in my book. I haven’t had to touch it up, and it hasn’t gone out. Strength is down and is at a solid medium-bodied. The cigar has become quite complex, with a little bit of sweetness, which fleets, and just at the halfway mark I’m getting a little bit of sweet peanut-butter. For a maduro, there is a lot of different sweet notes that come about in this K-Negro.  Without much to expect, given that this a company I was unfamiliar with, this cigar performed extremely well. It started off with a  lot of flavor, continued to be complex, and the final three inches were actually the best. A lot of flavor continued to pour out as the cigar was finishing up.

Unfortunately, these cigars are not yet available in the U.S. market. They are currently available in Europe, and Kolumbus is looking for a distributor in the United States.


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  1. Very interesting and intriguing …. I’d love to try one of those sticks!
    And good job with the post, very detailed.

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