Jaime Garcia, son of Don (Jose) Pepin Garcia, is the mastermind behind this and the My Father cigars. For this cigar he utilized, a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper, Ecuadorian binder, and various Nicaraguan fillers.

20160405_123233Unlike some of his others, or his fathers for that matter, the Reserva didn’t have that distinctive pepper note. Just a hint at the light, and then it moved away. Instead it built more of chocolate and cedar profile. Putting it through the nose brings that hint a pepper back along with what I can only call a “nutty” characteristic.

A very consistent cigar, while it did transition through flavors a little bit, it still maintained the same overall profile and the flavors more “waxed and waned” during the transitions then changed into something new.20160405_125602

In terms of body, what seemed like it would be a real heavy full-bodied smoke at first, seemed to mellow out into an incredibly smooth more medium or medium-full cigar. As I progressed that sweeter, chocolate note, developed into a much deeper one but, as I said before, the other flavors were still there just less prominent then before. The ash would hold for about an inch or so and then fall despite some care, but the burn and draw were flawless.


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