The new Davidoff Nicaragua Box-Pressed


Scheduled to be released later this month, I was lucky enough to get to try one of these already. It did not disappoint. For your typical Fuller Bodied cigar smoker Davidoff really only had two options, the Millenium blend, and the original Nicaragua, maybe the Escurio if you want to get technical but myself and many others I know of found it just a little wanting for the hefty Davidoff price tag. So when I found out they were going to have another release closer to these I was stoked. To be fair, I can be a little picky and I have no idea what the price tag is going to be. That being said, I might have a new favorite Davidoff.

So lucky me got to try a robusto (5 X 48). Very little “tooth” on the wrapper. I used my preferred Xikar scissor’s and my ST Dupont Ligne 2. Right off the bat I knew it was going to be good, the smell was there pre-light, the draw was open but not too open. Long story short, I was excited right away.

I was a little bit rushed because I had limited time before having to clock in at work but even rushing through it there was a ton of flavor and I didn’t have any real issues as far as construction. Just one quick touch up maybe halfway through? They certainly did not screw up over at quality control. This cigar¬†offered a much better balance of spice and sweetness compared to the original and had some added complexity. My only complaint, and it’s pretty minimal at that, is I felt like right as this cigar was truly coming into its own, it was done. That sweet spot every cigar has? Mine hit that right at the tail end of the final third. ¬†I know going out on a high note is supposed to be a good thing but in the case it was a little bit frustrating.



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