As an extension of my duties working at the cigar shop, I was gifted the opportunity to work a cigar booth at Saratoga Race Course for the summer. The sights are nice, and that atmosphere at the track is tantalizing. However, having been removed for the retail floor for a while, I haven’t been able to keep tabs on the new product that has been coming in after IPCPR. When I returned to the retail floor after a day at the track I saw a new cigar from Alec Bradley named the “Magic Toast.” What caught my attention more than anything was the sizes formats that were offered. Thinner ring gauges are something that have become a staple in my repertoire, despite an industry that has become more comfortable with larger ring gauges. The sizes I’m reviewing in the Magic Toast is a corona gorda, which despite the name of the size I actually don’t have any specifics on the gauge. I also have no information about the blend, as nothing to date has been released about the cigar.

Magic Toast starts of medium-bodied in strength with some very nice toasty almond notes, ironically enough. There is a subtle molasses sweetness, but nothing overwhelming. I am a huge fan of natural sweetness. The outer wrapper is on the darker side, similar in color to dark chocolate. If I had to guess I would say maybe it’s Nicaraguan Habano, but again, that is purely speculation. Strength really never becomes an issue with the Magic Toast, topping off at medium-plus. On the retro-hale there is a bit more sweetness, that of what I would describe as cherry-esque. The flavor profile remains mostly the same throughout the entirety of the cigar, which again as I have described in the past, is something I do enjoy. A lot of people judge a cigar on it’s complexity, which is a valued attribute to any cigar. However, when I find a flavor profile I enjoy, I don’t mind if it rides throughout the entire cigar.

Overall I was thoroughly impressed with the Magic Toast, and am very curious as to the specifics of the blend. To date, this is the best Alec Bradley I have personally had the pleasure of smoking. The corona gorda retailed at the high $7 mark in New York state, which means that it will likely be more affordable in other markets. At this price point and the overall flavor profile, it was a pleasure to smoke the Magic Toast.

Peace & Broadleaf

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